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This program teaches you, in easy steps, how to recover from emotional pain.

“It is only when we no longer compulsively need someone that we can have a “real” relationship with them.” Anthony Storr

Unlock emotional freedom

Many women who have experienced the devastation of heartbreak and rejection after a painful breakup, can often feel totally shocked by how “one specific” person could shake the very foundations of who they are as it can render so many powerless, helpless and most unlike themselves.

I’ve seen people from all walks of life, and at any age experience the most profound feeling of loss, sorrow and abandonment after losing their beloved, this can lead to the life shattering symptoms of heartache; love sickness and an addiction to romantic love.

But there is HOPE….and know the emotional pain can be utterly overwhelming.

I know with absolute certainty I can help you move past this painful place as I have been there and here are just a few of the many benefits that you will gain by doing this sensitive, therapeutic and self empowering process.

“I was a love addict and every partner I had seemed to run away from my neediness. I did the online program and found that I could relate to all of it, the personal stories made me feel like I wasn’t losing my mind as I identified with the people especially Anastasia’s Story. What she’s done for me is a miracle really. I now have my own life, and I can see that people find me more attractive and interesting as I’m no longer so needy. Thank you so much Helen for helping me to understand that the person I abandoned was myself.” Loretta

What are the benefits of doing this program?

“A flower blossoms for its own joy” Oscar Wilde
“Following a few very upsetting events in my relationship, I insisted on seeking professional help but my partner, whilst agreeing to it (under duress) was very sceptical. I knew I had to find someone intelligent, articulate and completely switched in to people’s perception and behavioural triggers. I was feeling deeply betrayed and needed more than anything to understand why certain things had happened. Over a short period of time, Helen not only transformed our relationship virtually immediately (and that is not an exaggeration), she also taught us how to sustain what we had learned. Now, months down the line, we are stronger than ever and it feels everything has come together. She has helped to completely change our lives in many ways.
Helen is a very clever, caring and compassionate woman with an extremely professional approach which is a rare combination and I will keep learning from her advice and books for years to come.
– I mean it and more. Thank you Helen.” Selene
“The hunger for love is more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread” Mother Teresa

A Compassionate and Holistic Application of Professional Therapeutic Approaches

Another reason why this program works so effectively is the way I have applied my years of research and personal experience into the positive use of language and hypnosis to provide the information, whether it is written, spoken or visual, in a way that is easy for you to understand. In the program you will get to experience and benefit from:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Hypnotic language and hypnosis
  • Transformative guided visualisations
  • Over 28 years of psychotherapeutic and psychoanalysis experience and training
  • Advice, guidance, tips, insights and support based on years of experience as a professional counsellor, therapist and coach for grief, loss and bereavement.

The combinations of these psychological and therapeutic technologies means that you can simply sign up, sit back, relax and be guided as I know with certainty this will help you. As you follow the program steps you can use the workbook and eBooks in parallel to get even more from the gently compassionate videos and audio files.

Start Healing Now for just $97
“Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful recovery program, I feel SO much better, I have a new perspective and I did a lot of self reflection yesterday. I had an awful dream again last night but was able to talk myself round and not let it affect me.
You have an incredible talent and the kindest heart.
I went to bed last night really early. I felt content and at peace with myself, I wasn’t aching for more and more attention and I felt settled for the first time in God knows how long.” Janis
“Helen, you have really helped me find myself again. Literally! I was needy, insecure, emotional, unsociable and un-trusting, looking for any word or signs that would send me into a blind rage of jealousy and insecurity. After doing your recovery program I feel like I have been on a long journey of self discovery, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.” Susan
“If you want to change the way you love, get Helen’s recovery programme. It has miraculously changed my life, and it really works! Thank you immensely Helen.” – Alisha

What is in this program?

The EXACT tools, insights, exercises & techniques to finally end the addictive love cycle of yearning and longing, which is DESTROYING any chance you have of breaking free and moving on after a painful break up…

The antidote for loving too much and emotional dependency is learning to love yourself.

It’s not about them! It’s about YOU. Helen will teach you how to unlock your inner strength to let go and move past lost love and heartbreak

How to overcome repetitive obsessive thought patterns and become the MASTER of your own emotions & mental state…

Start Healing Now for just $97

14 Compassionate and Instructive Video Tutorials

If you are a woman who loves too much, love addicted –withdrawing from a painful breakup, whether you’re in a current relationship or experiencing lost love, separation, single, or searching for a fulfilling, healthy, long-lasting romantic relationship … this compassionate program will help you. With inspiring solutions, insights and guidance from a relationship specialist, you will find a way to recover from addictive loving and find emotional freedom.

VIDEO #1:  An Introduction to “Surviving Addictive Love” and how it will help you heal the devastating loss felt through the heartbreak of loving too much.

VIDEO #2: What does it mean to be addicted to love? And what can happen when we are caught in an addictive love cycle?

VIDEO#3: An example phone call; Powerlessness and the soul’s cry to be heard, loved  and wanted.

VIDEO#4: Why being in love or in a relationship can feel like being in emotional pain.

VIDEO#5:  The signs of an addiction to love; How being with unavailable partners can trigger emotional distress and why it is difficult to let go.

VIDEO#6: How being in love and attached to the beloved releases pleasure chemicals, assigning our partner a cocktail of powerful emotions that include happiness, connectedness and security.

VIDEO #7: What are some of the traumatic symptoms experienced when our love is not mutually reciprocated; “You deserve more than seeds or crumbs”.

VIDEO#8: The components and symptoms of Limerence (Chronic Rejection). Understanding Intrusive thoughts and obsessive thinking about the beloved.

VIDEO#9: How does addictive love impact on daily life? Why do you keep returning to a destructive on/off relationship?

VIDEO#10: The Emotional Cycle of Love Addiction (Anxious Pursuer) vs. Love Avoidant (Withdrawer Pursued).

VIDEO#11: The Power Struggle Stage: Unbalanced Love Equilibrium between anxious, insecure attachment and avoidant, distant attachment.

VIDEO#12: What can cause addictive love and heartbreak, whereby the person you believed to be a secure safe haven and an emotional anchor has withdrawn from you?

VIDEO#13: Key things to help you recover from loving too much, heartbreak and love sickness; Finding the fire in your belly.

VIDEO#14: Closing empowering video message from Helen.

A Restorative and Empowering Workbook

This workbook is full of exercises, visualisations, meditations, 25 strategies, tips and insights to support you through the heartbreak of rejection and lost love.

Every chapter is woven sensitively around Helen’s own personal story, several years ago, whereby the journals she wrote back then make up this entire program. She will give you the insight, understanding and help you need to put you emotional pain into perspective.

Helen writes with frankness and honesty about this profound and raw affliction of the heart when we love too much. You will move through every possible stage of love withdrawal and loss, to healing the wound of abandonment.  

Helen asks several key questions:

  • How can one person whom we love rock the very foundation of whom we believe we are?
  • What is about this one person that has the power to destabilise us?
  • Is it something to do with the person we choose or is it a wound within ourselves that has been triggered by this person’s emotional avoidance or in ability to reciprocate our love?
  • Why do we fear abandoned and therefore stay in relationships that are not emotionally good for us?
  • How can one person render us powerless and helpless whereby we settle for crumbs?
  • Is it that some just love far too much and our hunger for complete soul connection is too much to expect from one person?
  • Or is it that the beloved simply doesn’t experience the same level of mutual love and desire?
  • And many more…
Start Healing Now for just $97

7 Inspirational eBooks of Real Stories of People Overcoming Love Addiction

  • eBOOK #1: Is There a Cure for Love Addiction? – A Powerful Healing System for Women Who Love Too Much
  • eBOOK #2: Surviving an Addiction to Romantic Love – Why can’t you simply retreat and withdraw?
  • eBOOK #3: An Interview with Helen Mia Harris on Unrequited Love and Rejection
  • eBOOK #4: Real-Life Case Study #1: Anastasia’s Story – A glance across a crowed room; A Fierce Desire
  • eBOOK #5: Real-Life Case Study #2: Veronica’s Story – The Broken Saxophone and a Misunderstanding between a Love Addict and a Love Avoidant
  • eBOOK #6: Real-Life Case Study #3: Matthew’s Story – A Broken Marriage, Separation Anxiety and an Addiction to Online Dating

6 Soothing and Gentle Guided Journey Online Videos

These 6 guided visualization journey videos help you process, soothe and regulate the overwhelming emotions being experienced as a result of heartbreak and the loss of love. I use advanced hypnotic language patterns and relaxation techniques to take you on a guided journey where you can discover peace, calm and new inner resources.

These Guided Journeys and Visualizations are like a rehearsal for living free of emotional turmoil.

I will help you learn how to train your brain with techniques for natural mood regulation.
The pure and tranquil music in these videos will sink deep into your limbic system to quieten, soothe and comfort, reducing any anxious thoughts that often preoccupy people who are experiencing love withdrawal.

  • VIDEO JOURNEY #1: Where do We Fall When We Fall in Love?
  • VIDEO JOURNEY #2: Surviving This Affliction of the Heart: “He Said, She Said, You Said”
  • VIDEO JOURNEY #3: The Silver Hand: Taking Care Of Little You
  • VIDEO JOURNEY #4: The Rock Boulder, The White Chalk & The Abandoned Child
  • VIDEO JOURNEY #5: Choral Shells: Learning to Breathe Without You
  • VIDEO JOURNEY #6: The Diamond Necklace
Start Healing Now for just $97
To the fullest extent permitted by law, HMH Publications is providing this written material, its subsidiary elements and its contents on an ‘as is’ basis and make no (and expressly disclaim all) representations or warranties of any kind with respect to this written material or its contents, including, without limitation, advice and recommendations, warranties or merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.
Helen Mia Harris is a registered therapist but offers her insights and advice for guidance only. All dates, place names, titles and events in this account are factual. However, the names have been changed in order to protect privacy and respect patient confidentiality.
It is also wise to have face-to-face grief counselling or relationship therapy as this program is by no means the absolute cure for the acute despair one can experience at this devastating time. If you are experiencing: panic, depression, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, anxiety or separation distress, it is vital that you also make an appointment with your local General Practitioner; this can be coupled by seeing a therapist or psychoanalyst in your local area.