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Helen Mia Harris: Couples Therapist-Marriage Counsellor – Couples Coaching and Relationship Therapist for Couples and Individuals. (MBACP MNCS Accredited)

Are you living alone together?

An Emotionally Focused Approach to Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy, relationship therapy and marriage counselling.

Helen Mia’s sessions will help many who may feel they are “living alone together”, no longer communicating and experiencing a profound sense of emotional distance. She will help you to find a warmer way forward moving from indifference and to assist you in listening closely to one another and breaking the often repetitive cycle of blame and criticism.

Relationships are an essential part of a healthy life with so many rewards from those close relationships. But with the pressures and demands of everyday life relationships can be difficult to maintain better friends, and managing conflict and discordance.

All relationships face challenges and conflicts at times, how you deal with these challenges determines how well you can experience and enjoy your close personal relationships.

Helen is an expert in the field of relationships; she quickly identifies the triggers and dynamics between two people that have led to the breakdown in their relationship. Relationship problems are often due to a lack of emotional responsiveness and a shared secure attachment bond, which is key to creating ways to support each other’s hopes for the future, becoming better friends, and managing conflict and discordance.

As a highly qualified and experienced professional, Helen Mia conducts her consultations with the utmost respect for your privacy and confidentiality. Serving Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley, Orpington, Maidstone, London, Surrey and Kent.

As well as doing couples therapy/counselling and coaching sessions Helen Mia also works with people experiencing specific relationship issues including:

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in…”

Leonard Cohen

When visiting Helen most clients reach their breakthrough at the 3rd or 4th session

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What Clients Say

After several weeks’ of therapy, I cannot believe I was even in the space I was a few months ago, Helen’s empathy and counsel have given me the tools to find my way again in all aspects of life, I feel confident, relaxed and content, my wife and I are looking forward to the next stage of our life journey together. I cannot recommend her enough, an amazing lady who simply helps you bring light back in to your own life. Thank you Helen
Working with Helen is inspiring. She walks the line between empathy and impartiality perfectly, encouraging you to give your best effort in a supportive and positive environment. She is intuitive, caring and professional. I leave my sessions feeling uplifted.
Tunbridge Wells
I wouldn’t have got through those awful times without you.. And that really is the truth! Never underestimate that what you can do for people is really quite wonderful.
Helen helped me through I time in my life where I truly believed there was no way out and no way forward. She showed me how to find again my self confidence and my self respect, and most importantly how to find peace. To Helen, I owe my happiness and I am eternally grateful
In only three sessions with Helen, I felt like I gained a clearer more positive perspective to why I felt so insecure in my relationship -she encouraged me to take a step back from what I’d been doing and focus on what I could do differently to move forward. I am so much more confident now and my partner and I feel far more open and connected to one another, a very real and honest experience.
Helen really does transform people’s lives….in a few sessions something has changed in me, her warmth and exceptionally responsive engagement is unique and like no other.A highly recommendable experience.
Tunbridge Wells
Helen is a star – my saviour and my rock – and to her I owe my mental peace and happiness. And that is no exaggeration.
Helen is a very effective psychotherapist whose warmth, knowledge and sensitivity combine to enable her to analyse the most difficult of problems. Her professional integrity is second to none, making her ideally placed to provide advice and structure for her clients, without judgement. This approach enabled me to tackle my own challenges with honesty. I would recommend her without hesitation.
After receiving shocking news about my health and then undergoing extensive life threatening surgery, I thought I had coped well. However, it wasn’t until the full extent of my experiences had sunk in that I began to be plagued by nightmares and dreaded going to sleep. Helen helped me deal with the traumas I’d faced; her support was invaluable.
Helen helped me – and my immediate family too – through a traumatic time in my life where I could see no way forward. Her unfailing interest in me and my situation, over a period of months, coupled with her almost magical ability to make me understand things more clearly, really did pull me through. Helen was a rock for both me and my family and we are eternally grateful to her.
Helen seems to have such a profound understanding of what loss feels like, it’s as if she knows where you are, she has helped me regain some sense of purpose after the loss of my partner 18 months ago, in appreciation as I feel much lighter now
Helen helped my husband and I to begin to communicate some of the underlying disappointments that we have harboured for many years, too her we give thanks to feeling much closer to one another
I want to express my appreciation for the insight that you provided me with a few weeks back, you helped me understand the difference between love and jealousy, and I can begin to understand how I kept repeating the same patterns in my relationships, thank you, something has definitely changed.
I am very grateful for the counselling sessions that you have shared with my wife and I, we have never done anything like this before but I would certainly recommend it to anyone, now if there is an atmosphere between us, we have found a way to “handle” our conflict, this is very new to us both but it seems to work.
Tunbridge Wells

To make an appointment with Helen Mia Harris or to discuss anything further, please call 01732 617344, send an email or go to the booking page.

Improve your relationship

Helen Mia-Harris-Expert-Relationship-Therapist

About Helen Mia Harris (MBACP Reg, MNCS Accredited)

Helen Mia’s wide and varied background in psychotherapy, counselling, emotionally focused therapy and life coaching for over 25 years has provided her with the knowledge, sensitivity and warmth to coach, mentor and provide therapy for individuals, couples, relationships, and professionals, including developing your self worth, self esteem and direction.

Understand why your relationship may have lost its way and how to get it back on track. Helen Mia offers a successful approach to building loving relationships through her relationship counselling and therapy sessions, personalised programme breakthrough sessions and Online “Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme”. Helen offers a range of 1-hour or 90 minute sessions and is happy to discuss your specific needs when you  contact her.

With a profound understanding of the love relationship, Helen Mia Harris is passionate about her work as a couples therapist, coach and counsellor, helping couples and individuals to find a way to communicate with one another. Helen Mia believes that the way we love and how we love is often at the heart of a troubled relationship and heartbreak and can use a range of skills including: NLP, EMDR, CBT, Psychoanalysis, and Therapy to assist both couples and individuals to resolve any tender issue and find a way forward free of discordance and unhappiness.

This fresh new approach to relationship therapy and marriage counselling is vital when you are at a crossroads and may want to address a new way of communicating with a renewed sense of emotional connection and warmth.

Unrequited Love and Loss

Relationship Counselling and Coaching to Improve your Relationship or Move Past a Painful Breakup following Lost Love

Helen Mia is the author and creator of the acclaimed: Surviving the Addictive Love Cycle: The Heartbreak Recovery Programme and can assist those who are suffering from: heartbreak, heartache, love sickness, abandonment, a broken heart, rejection and love withdrawal for counselling, therapy, and coaching via Zoom so that her insightful and sensitive 12+ hours online Heartbreak Recovery Programme is accessible for those overseas who may not live in Britain.


“There’s nothing more painful than loving into a void” Robert Weiss



Skilled and qualified in various therapeutic styles, Helen Mia helps you to gain a deeper understanding of your relationship issues around: low self esteemworryanxiety, depression, motivation & inspiration, releasing the negative emotions that can hold you back in relationships and life.

For more information on what to do if you are considering separation or divorce, click here.


Dear Helen,  just a note to thank you so much for your support and guidance on Friday. It made an immediate change in my wife and I am hopeful that we can rebuild our relationship with your continued support.  Thanks again!! I am truly grateful!!

Following a few very upsetting events in my relationship, I insisted on seeking professional help but my partner, whilst agreeing to it (under duress) was very sceptical. I knew I had to find someone intelligent, articulate and completely switched in to people’s perception and behavioural triggers. I was feeling deeply betrayed and needed more than anything to understand why certain things had happened. Over a short period of time, Helen not only transformed our relationship virtually immediately (and that is not an exaggeration), she also taught us how to sustain what we had learned. Now, months down the line, we are stronger than ever and it feels everything has come together. She has helped to completely change our lives in many ways.

Helen is a very clever, caring and compassionate woman with an extremely professional approach which is a rare combination and I will keep learning from her advice and books for years to come.

… I mean it and more.  Thank you Helen.

This is what my consultations are about; they make a tangible difference to any sensitive issue”

Relationship & Marital Therapist
Speaker, Presenter & Writer