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Heartbreak recovery programme

For help with love withdrawal please click on the image.

When a relationship ends, the love addict is plunged into love addiction withdrawal, a state not dissimilar to coming off a drug, because in essence, that’s exactly what it is.

Here are 3 ways to defeat love withdrawal and come out the other side stronger, and more emotionally independent.

  1. Forgive yourself if you are stuck in self-blame cycle

It is not your fault. You are good enough as you are, and just because he or she didn’t return your love, it doesn’t mean that you are not a lovable and worthy person. You are.

Remember, when we fear losing someone or something, it is usually to do with our own lack of self-worth and a false belief that we are not lovable, not validated and not worthy, and therefore why would anyone want to have a relationship with us?


  1. Focus on self-care and self-generosity

Many of my clients ask me; “but what do I do about the pain I’m in? How do I survive it, because I can’t live like this?”

Many of these people are going “cold turkey”, so to speak. They are in the midst of dealing with intense love addiction withdrawal symptoms, and literally can’t get out of bed.

They may stop eating, stop exercising, and even stop going to work. The grief, loss and overwhelming sadness that consumes them is akin to a light being switched off in their life.

And the answer I always give is that they absolutely MUST focus on self-care and self-generosity.

You need to concentrate on becoming YOU once again, as this is the only way you will ever break the chains that are keeping you locked to the beloved. People who lose themselves in their relationships find it difficult to recognise their own needs and honour their own authenticity and the direction their life is going in.