Heartbreak: why do we get heartbroken – and how do we survive it?

If you would like help with heartbreak please click on the image. Heartbreak: why do we get heartbroken – and how do we survive it? In my work as a professional relationship counsellor, couples’ therapist and love addiction specialist, I work every day with people who know first-hand the emotional pain of heartbreak, and the [...]

The Secret to a Stronger Emotional Connection in Your Relationship or Marriage

For help with strengthening communication within a marriage please click on the image above. How to Save a Failing Marriage! You and your partner may feel as if you are "living alone together", which is often the first sign of a failing marriage or relationship. One that has lost its way. A relationship which is [...]

Relationship Counselling

For help with feelings of abandonment please click on the image. Are you dealing with abandonment issues? Turn the end of a painful relationship into a beginning of a new life and love….. How can the relationship counselling Session help you? Abandonment is a loss just as heartbreaking as bereavement. It’s made all the more [...]

Marriage Counseling Sessions

For help with marriage counselling please click on the image. Helen’s marriage counseling expertise helps clients look at the way they “handle” an issue or problem, rather than the problem itself; and the way they “speak” about a sensitive subject. Both people in the relationship are able to talk about what they believe has occurred [...]

Marriage Counseling

For help with the symptoms described on this page please click on the image. Marriage Counselling Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks Bromley, Maidstone, Orpington & Dartford Do you feel disconnected and distant within your relationship? Are you living alone together where familiarity has become resentful? Has the love and passion you once shared faded? Does [...]

Relationship Counselling Maidstone

For help to see the true nature of the relationship please click on the image. Relationship Counselling Maidstone, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells, Bromley, Orpington & Dartford Helen Mia Harris has the expertise, through her years of working with relationships and loss of confidence, to help you deal with tender issues using her Relationship Counselling.  She will [...]

Love Addiction

  If you would like help with heartbreak please click on the image. LOVE ADDICTION; IS IT Passionate Attraction? Or is it loving too much? Love addiction is a condition that causes you to frequently fall in love with someone who fails to return your love and affection. Often, the love addict will be attracted [...]

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