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Heartbreak recovery programme
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Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy for Individuals

Individual counselling, therapy, life coaching and mentoring begins with words, so the therapist gets to know your individual history and the particular suffering at stake. By naming what you struggle with, this creates a quietening down of anxiety and incessant worrying about something that overwhelms you.

By talking about this, emotions and feelings become diffused, and here the work begins which enables deeper perspective, clarity and direction and the words to find yourself in a story that you begin to call your own.

Specialist Life Coach Practitioner, Couple Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Helen Mia Harris adopts an integrative approach to counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring and life coaching. She works with your own unique circumstances and this integration offers tremendous flexibility and creativity towards making positive life changes.

Together you explore your needs in the face of life challenges and the issues underlying your difficulties. From this, Helen can create a tailor made programme for you to move forward and experience a profound new approach to love, relationships and daily life, both personally and in the workplace by gaining capacity for empathy and for working effectively with others.

Counselling for Couples and Families

  • Individual Counselling, Coaching and Therapies ( 75 minutes)
  • Individual Relationship Breakthrough Sessions (90 minutes)
  • NLP Life Coaching and Mentoring (90 minutes)
  • Intensive Marriage – Relationship Breakthrough Sessions for Individuals and Couples (2 hours)

These sessions are most helpful for those who may be experiencing difficulties in relationships, i.e. heartbreak, abandonment, insecurity, co-dependency, rejection, loss, emotional trauma and marital difficulties.

Professional/Personal Development

  • Personal Breakthrough Session: Professional – Executive – Creative – Performance – Corporate – Life Coach (90 minutes)
  • Intensive NLP Life Coaching Personal Breakthrough Programme (2 hours)

These sessions help clients who feel at an impasse or have a huge decision to make in their lives – personally or professionally – and provides the structure for them to move forward and unlock unexpressed potential in a short space of time. You will gain determination and inspiration that comes from your own instinct and self-development. Any issue will be dealt with the utmost respect and sensitivity.

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Other types of Counselling for Individuals include: