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Heartbreak recovery programme

For help with love equilibrium please click on the image.

Is your relationship in balance?

As a relationship therapist, couples’ counsellor and love addiction specialist, my experience has taught me that the way we love is often at the heart of an emotionally withholding, damaging, addictive and co-dependent relationship.

And the way we love is ultimately influenced by whether or not the love equilibrium is balanced.

You see, when two people love each other equally, or display their love equally, harmony ensues.

But if this isn’t the case, then the relationship dynamic quickly takes the form of a pursuer, and the pursued. This can then create an avalanche of debilitating emotions which can begin to destroy the “pursuer’s” own sense of reality, robbing them of their individuality and independence, and making them believe they cannot survive without the person of addiction.

In short, when the love equilibrium is out of balance, the pursuer can very quickly, and without even realising it, sacrifice themselves in their pursuit of the beloved.

I have written previously about being in an unequal relationship here and here are some tips to enhance your relationship.

If you need help with balancing your relationship and would like to have a one to one with me, in person or via Skype, please contact me. Or take a look at my The Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery programme.