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The Kaizen Approach to Counselling, Mentoring and Life Coaching

What is Kaizen? Kai-zen is a Japanese word and KAI means continuous self improvement, change for the better, to be in balance in daily life, to move forward. ZEN means living in the present, in the here and now; being exactly who you are, being real, not out of demand or expectation of others, but to develop one’s natural flow of communication and openness towards improving our lives and connection with others.

Often, in our professional or personal relationships, we can find it difficult to tolerate difference and live by other’s disapproval and subsequently become most unlike ourselves for fear that we won’t be accepted. The Kaizen way is about living as close to the truth as possible and being able to have close loving relationships, to accept “what is” without trying to change or force things to be other then they are. Living without self expectation and the harsh limitations that deny us from living a truly whole and fulfilling life.

The Kaizen approach can be affective in every area of life, both personal and professional as it focuses on bringing about transformational therapeutic change at a level of “Being” by accessing and utilizing your internal strengths, abilities and resources. With the Kaizen approach, you can move towards emotional freedom and liberate yourself from negative emotions and experience a renewed sense of vitality and creative inspiration.

Helen Mia Harris says, “I am passionate about my work as I know it makes a tangible difference to any sensitive situation, enabling you to feel good again; to experience the self recognition that your aspirations require, confirmation of what is possible in the here and now and the validation to make a life changing difference in all that you are.”

The Kaizen Approach removes the barriers and blocks that create procrastination and equips you to connect with where you want to be. You will experience the self recognition that your aspirations require, confirmation of what is possible in the “here and now” and the validation to make a life changing difference.

Helen’s Kaizen counselling and Emotional Well Being therapy is professional, empathetic, present and ethical. She is committed to providing you with a safe, supportive and truly rewarding experience that will revive your aspiration and inspiration to move towards a sense of emotional freedom and self fulfilment.



“When you start living what is true and honest for you, you begin to experience things authentically and see things in an entirely different way, enabling you to feel more attuned, connected and move towards emotional freedom. This it what my consultations are about, they really make a tangible difference.”

“The finest thing in the world is knowing how to belong to oneself” (Quotation by Michel de Montaigne)