1 Workbook Check-In

If you haven’t already done so then please read the chapter “Love Equilibrium Unbalanced – Pursuer vs. Pursued” starting on page 175.

Following from step 19, the diagram below, which also accompanies the workbook, explains more about the dynamics between a Love Addict (pursuer) and Love Avoidant (pursued). In 2. below I provide a video where I discuss this diagram in detail.

2 Video Explaining Unbalanced Love Equilibrium

“The truth is we are not afraid of being in love, we are afraid of not being loved in return” Helen Mia Harris

Workbook Recommendation

Having watched this video I recommend you read the section starting with the chapter called “Love Equilibrium Unbalanced – Pursuer vs. Pursued” which you will find on pages 181 to 197.

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