Heartbreak recovery programme

Hello, I’m Helen Mia Harris

Are you suffering from Love Addiction? Co-Dependency? Or Heartbreak?

I am an expert Relationship and Marriage Therapist, Couples Counsellor and Life Coach Practitioner (MBACP Reg) MNCS Accredited Specialist in Love Addiction, Heartbreak and Co-Dependency. 

I experienced first hand this affliction of the heart, where we love too much and experience grief like symptoms of loss and emotional trauma. My personal experience became the basis of this sensitive and life-changing programme. 

The Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme has been specifically created to guide you through this emotionally painful time and to find a way forward, turning the raw experience of lost love into a renewed enthusiasm for life, personal growth and self development. 

The proven Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme helps you with

  • love addiction recovery,
  • broken heart recovery,
  • obsessive love,
  • unrequited love,

And to break the love avoidance cycle forever.

Purchase the programme and start healing now for £97 ($127)

The Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme is for you if you are 

  • Stuck in an on /off addictive and painful relationship.
  • Suffering from love addiction or heartbreak
  • Enduring unrequited love, loss and lovesickness.
  • Suffering from anxious attachment or inflammable love  
  • Subject to feelings of possessiveness, jealousy or obsessive love.
  • Feeling you can’t leave your partner and are trapped in patterns of behaviour which are damaging and destructive to yourself and your professional life.
  • Experiencing or have experienced infidelity or dishonesty and don’t know how to stay but can’t find the courage to leave.
  • Feeling rejected or insecure or having abandonment issues
  • Experiencing narcissistic abuse and returning time and again to emotionally unhealthy, damaging relationships
  • Afflicted with or by Co-dependency
Purchase the programme and start healing now for £97 ($127)

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Frequently Asked Questions about the programme

If you do have any other questions that aren’t answered here please email me at enquiries@helenmiaharris.com

In this step by step, easy to use, online Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme you will receive:

  • 10+ hours of insightful, inspiring and transformative  online Video tutorials
  • Guidance on how to move beyond a painful breakup, love withdrawal, love addiction, lost love, Co-dependency, abandonment, anxious attachment and unrequited love and loss.
  • 27 exercises, tools, tips, insights and strategies
  • A comprehensive, self-help workbook with over 300 pages of empowering exercises, tips, insights and strategies
  • 2 interactive, online quizzes on narcissistic relationships and love addiction
  • 6 therapeutic, self-guided meditations and visualisations to ease symptoms of love withdrawal and anxiety
  • Downloadable audio MP3s
  • 7 bonus ebooks on love addiction and heartbreak

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