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Heartbreak recovery programme
For help with love addiction and co-dependency please click on the image.

Helen Mia Harris works as an Expert Relationship Therapist, Marriage Coach and Love Addiction Specialist in London….Co-dependency, Narcissist Attachment, Anxious Love, Narcissist Neglect in Relationships..

Co-dependency plays a large part in relationships where couples are narcissistically attached to one another. Two people can be bound together by constant arguing, dispute, blame and misunderstandings. This type of interaction can feel very addictive and almost impossible to break once a couple is caught in a co-dependent cycle.

In my 90 minute breakthrough session, the first stage of detaching from an emotionally abusive relationship is that you cease taking the blame for everything that has occurred between you, whilst looking at what it was that attracted you both to one another in the very beginning.

It may be that you have loved him or her more than your own life and that part of your own recovery is realising that someone who is narcissistically damaged in this way, may “not” be able to give you what you want or deserve. All the hope for harmony, closeness and desire to “please” has been replaced with anger, resentment and blame.

At each stage of the therapy you will begin to experience things changing. You start to hold onto your own ground, see things more clearly and feel better, stronger and more alive in yourself. Most of all, you will abandon toxic patterns so that healthier relationships will inevitably appear.

Being in love doesn’t mean being in pain. Being with a narcissist may have “undermined” you being the very person you are. Ironically, narcissistic people are extremely attracted to creative charismatic people, and so much so that the “attraction” that drew them together in the very beginning, makes for a passionate encounter between the couple.

My work on Narcissism is all about your own needs and desires and what it is that you want to accomplish in your own life. I help you recognise that you are stronger than your pain; and stronger than your fear and anxiety. This way the same pattern will never be repeated again.

Being in an unhealthy relationship affects your own health and well-being and is akin to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Building healthy self-esteem and self-worth will help you move towards emotional freedom, self empowerment and crucially able to love someone without losing yourself.

I can help you gain your self worth and self-understanding and achieve an insight into some of the “unconscious triggers” that may be keeping you stuck in this type of relationship. My 90 minute Breakthrough Sessions have proven success in helping people find a strategy to exit this destructive pattern and become at peace within themselves.