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Heartbreak recovery programme
For help with feelings of abandonment please click on the image

Abandonment Breakthrough Session

Are you feeling abandoned by your loved one?  Turn the end of a painful relationship into a beginning of a new life and love…..

How can the Abandonment Breakthrough Session help?

Abandonment is a loss just as heartbreaking as a bereavement. It’s made all the more unbearable as the significant other is not deceased but has chosen to leave the relationship. The rejection can lead to devastating personal trauma – often repeating an emotional trauma of being left, betrayed or losing a parent early in life.

Being “left” can threaten the very core of our security and self esteem. The withdrawal of love from a partner can result in rejection against ourselves and turn our rage against ourselves. Subsequently, being abandoned or deserted, can lead to damage to our self image, self confidence and future relationships.

Helen Mia Harris, specialist couple relationship counsellor and Emotional Well Being therapist, has spent over 20 years helping her clients deal with heartbreak, rejection, loss of love, co-dependency, loving too much and abandonment trauma.

Helen is passionate about her work in this area and knows her Abandonment Breakthrough Sessions make a tangible difference to helping restore inner strength. She can help you to manage the loss without it destroying you and will enable you to build a whole new concept of self awareness and emotional endurance. This, in turn, will help increase your capacity to move towards and through the process of healing promoting a real change and transformation.

NB. These sessions are not to maintain the relationship nor to separate the couple, but to help each individual move away from, indifference, discord and disappointment towards a sense of emotional balance. Helen works with integrity and respect for all individuals concerned.

Soon you will emerge emotionally free of the debilitating sense of powerlessness and experience a stronger more vital connection to yourself