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Depression & Anxiety Breakthrough Sessions

The Depression & Anxiety Breakthrough Session aims towards making you feel good again.

  • balance_stonesDo you suffer at the hands of worry, anxiety and low mood or depression ?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed by emotional responses to certain issues or situations and feel that it is beyond your control ?
  • Do you have co-dependent relationships ?
  • Do you suffer from phobias, panic, worry, OCD or from addictions to love or alcohol ?

When panic attacks the mind over mood

Intense negative thinking always accompanies depression or anxiety or any painful emotion. Our heads bowed down whilst playing with buttons or biting our finger nails with incessant worry. When our thoughts become negative and pessimistic, we most defiantly experience a change in mood and feel worthless, low and inadequate.

It is these thoughts that flood our mind that are the actual cause of self defeating emotions.

How can the Depression & Anxiety Breakthrough Sessions help?

In Helen Mia Harris’ Breakthrough Sessions, she addresses the relationship between the world and the way you ‘feel’. She gives you the tools to eradicate fear based potential and re-frame negative limiting beliefs to move you towards a sense of emotional freedom, free of worry and anxiety.

Helen has the expertise, after years of helping people suffering from anxiety and depression, to show you how your thoughts lead/direct you to an emotional response. She helps you recover by examining core negative thinking patterns, focussing on the present to identify the process/mental habits that are maintaining the problem. She aims to discover how your perceptions about yourself influence your sense of well being that can lead to excessive worry and anxiety. She also looks at diet and its relationship to depression.

Helen works with the greatest of sensitivity and care in making each session a rewarding and transformative experience, she works “with” her clients not “on” them. Helen will design a unique Breakthrough Session that will be tailor made to your presenting problem or concern. You will gain the skills to equip you to manage limiting or exhausting anxieties that will “interrupt” the fearful worry cycle so that you can move forward free of the fears that hold you back.

'People are disturbed not by things but by the view we take of them' - Epictetus, Greek Philosopher