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Heartbreak recovery programme
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Love Addiction & Anxious Attachment

Is it passionate attraction? Or is it loving too much?

Do you answer yes to 1 or more of the questions below? You could suffer from love addiction

  • Do you start to panic if a new potential partner doesn’t call immediately after the first meeting?
  • Do you feel anxious when first dating someone that they don’t return your calls/or texts immediately?
  • If you don’t hear from a new partner for a day or two, do you think they don’t like you any more?
  • Do you find yourself changing your appearance to one you ‘think’ your partner likes, in order for him/her to like you more?
  • When starting to date someone new, do you quickly give up your own routine and hobbies and adopt theirs?
  • If you are in a relationship do you anxiously call, text or email repeatedly for fear that your partner isn’t thinking about you?

Love addiction is a condition that causes you to frequently fall in love with someone who fails to return your love and affection. Often, the love addict will be attracted to somebody who is emotionally unavailable; who will neglect the relationship or who will show no interest.

Love addiction is a very real issue for those who suffer from this condition, yet many of us haven’t even heard of it. Today, you can learn more about this complex and pervasive condition of the heart.

Fearing abandonment and loneliness, the person addicted to love will stay in and return to painful, destructive relationships even when they know they should walk away.

For over 20 years, Helen has specialised in helping those who suffer from love addiction, co-dependency and the painful effects of rejection, separation anxiety, insecurity and abandonment in their relationships. Helen also works with couples, whereby dysfunctional communication and unhealthy attachment reinforces the love addiction cycle. Her main passion is helping people understand exactly what they are going through when experiencing Love Addiction or Loving Too Much and, with this new found knowledge, encouraging them to experience healthy independent love.


Anastasia’s story is not just a ‘love story’. It is a story about powerlessness, rejection and an addiction to the feeling of ‘being in love’. This is about unrequited love, unfulfilled dreams, romantic fantasies, obsession and the longing for that love to be reciprocated.

Many of us suffer from Love Addiction in varying degrees and repeatedly enter into the wrong type of relationships or damage the good ones. Access the Anastasia EBook and discover the changes YOU can make to your LIFE by completing your details in the fields below.

Learn from Anastasia’s story and discover just how the debilitating effects of love addiction and rejection can obliterate all sense of reality. Learn how, after just one brief encounter with Ben, Anastasia is catapulted into a dark, insidious and fearful world where she quickly loses grip of reality. When Ben fails to phone or make contact with her for seven days, she is unable to eat and suffers from panic attacks and quickly declines into a deeply anxious state. See how quickly Anastasia experiences one of the most primal of all fears – abandonment. This sets the stage for the beginnings of a dysfunctional relationship damaged by Love Addiction.

Discover how I help Anastasia to:

  • Understand why she reacts and behaves in relationships
  • Learn how her she gains her self-esteem back
  • See how to love in another way and not repeat damaging patterns
  • Recognise the difference between healthy love and insecure anxious love

Love addiction is a very real issue for those that suffer from it, yet many of us have never heard of this complex and pervasive condition of the heart. For this reason Helen Mia Harris, Love Addiction and Relationships expert has put together a number of eBooks which you can access in the “Resources” section.

Helen, you have really helped me find myself again. Literally! When I first came to see Helen, I was in a desperately low place. I felt I was sinking and drowning, immersed in a pool of anxiety, unable to see a way out. I was needy, insecure, emotional, unsociable and untrusting, looking for any word or signs that would send me into a blind rage of jealousy and insecurity. Helen, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back.' Susan, Tunbridge Wells