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Heartbreak recovery programme
For help with marriage counselling please click on the image.

Helen’s marriage counseling expertise helps clients look at the way they “handle” an issue or problem, rather than the problem itself; and the way they “speak” about a sensitive subject. Both people in the relationship are able to talk about what they believe has occurred and continues to occur in their marriage or partnership, with each one believing what they have done was right and fair. Helen allows both to speak and most importantly to hear each other’s voice and version of events, possibly for the first time.

During the marriage counseling and relationship counselling sessions Helen encourages each person to empathise with the other person’s view on the situation and to try and see it from their point of view. She helps them see more clearly the true nature of the relationship and encourages an open evaluation of the relationship’s “dynamic” and what might be hindering closeness. Helen helps couples restore a relationship’s healthy esteem, so balance, communication and a new approach to love and relationship can occur.

NB. These sessions are not to maintain the relationship or to separate the couple but to help each individual move away from indifference, discord and disappointment towards a sense of emotional balance. Helen works with integrity and respect for all individuals concerned.

Please note: Intensive Marriage Counseling or Relationship Counselling Sessions for individuals and couples are 2 hours