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Phobia Breakthrough Sessions

balance_stonesDo you harbour a phobia about an object, house, school, animal, insect, bird or situation?

Do you feel compelled to avoid the trigger that may cause you panic and fearful?

A phobia is a present-day response to an intensely traumatic experience in the past. The fear is anchored to the object or situation that caused it initially. You know that the phobia is not rational, but the anxious feeling is so intense that you feel compelled to avoid it.

How can the Phobia Breakthrough Sessions help?

Helen Mia Harris is an expert in hypnotherapy and uses a process to help you to “dissociate” from a trauma or a phobia, to establish a “safety anchor” that will elicit a powerful positive state from a remembered experience when you felt safe and secure, laying the past to rest….

Helen works with the greatest of sensitivity and care in making each session a rewarding and transformative experience, she works “with” her clients not “on” them. Helen will design you a unique programme that will be tailor made to your presenting problem or concern. You will gain the skills to equip you to manage limiting or exhausting anxieties that will “interrupt” the fearful worry cycle so that you can move forward free of the fears that hold you back.

'Through “reframing” our already deeper resources.... we can capture the innocent eye that knows where we are meant to be...Reality is cliché from which we escape by metaphor....' - Wallace Stevens