Move beyond heartbreak and love addiction to heal yourself using this compassionate and therapeutic heartbreak recovery programme. This programme is for anyone:
  • Experiencing Co-dependency, rejection, inflammable love, insecurity, abandonment, anxious attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, heartbreak or obsessive love.
  • Who feels they can’t leave their partner and has become trapped in patterns of behaviour which are damaging and destructive to themselves and their professional lives.
  • Who experiences infidelity or dishonesty and doesn’t know how to stay but can’t find the courage to leave.
  • Experiencing narcissistic abuse and who returns time and again to emotionally unhealthy, damaging relationships.
Based on Helen Mia Harris's personal experience and 25+ years of working with her clients. Helping you on your journey from heartbreak to emotional freedom. The Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme FAQs are available here: Please note this programme is purchased directly via the PayPal link below.