• Move beyond heartbreak and love addiction to heal yourself using this compassionate and therapeutic heartbreak recovery programme. This programme is for anyone:
    • Experiencing Co-dependency, rejection, inflammable love, insecurity, abandonment, anxious attachment, possessiveness, jealousy, heartbreak or obsessive love.
    • Who feels they can’t leave their partner and has become trapped in patterns of behaviour which are damaging and destructive to themselves and their professional lives.
    • Who experiences infidelity or dishonesty and doesn’t know how to stay but can’t find the courage to leave.
    • Experiencing narcissistic abuse and who returns time and again to emotionally unhealthy, damaging relationships.
    Based on Helen Mia Harris's personal experience and 25+ years of working with her clients. Helping you on your journey from heartbreak to emotional freedom. The Love Addiction and Heartbreak Recovery Programme FAQs are available here: Please note this programme is purchased directly via the PayPal link below.
  • A self-help, restorative, digital downloadable workbook with empowering exercises and strategies to support you through:
    • a painful break-up
    • anxious attachment
    • co-dependency
    • rejection
    • heartbreak
    • love sickness and
    • unrequited love and loss
  • In this in depth and empowering e-Book, relationship expert Helen Mia Harris explores the intricate reasons behind why so many of us lose all sense of our own individuality, independence and uniqueness the moment we enter into a romantic relationship, sacrificing ourselves and everything we are in the name of love.
  • The No Contact Rule eBook is perhaps one of the most important topics that needs to be read by anyone who is caught in an on/off negative cycle loop in their relationship. Helen implemented her own "No Contact" process quite unknowingly over 20 years ago before she'd even heard of such a way to break free from an emotionally painful relationship; she had no other choice than to instigate this as it wasn’t a matter of choice but of necessity. This empowering and compassionate eBook comes with comprehensive step by step guidelines to follow along with short examples taken from real people who describe why they too had no other choice than to put the "No Contact" Process in to place.
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