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Heartbreak recovery programme
For help with respect in the love relationship please click on the image.

Respect in the first phases of love, is the very substance that makes it feel so “right” and profoundly familiar….when respect is lost in a relationship it begins to take on a very different tone and soon both once deeply in love find themselves soaked to the skin in sadness and indifference at the same time….how did this happen when we were so in love….when I see couples for the first time in my practise, I always ask them how they first met, what attracted them to one another and many often begin to cry as it is “here” that they that fills them with sadness as what they once had, is lost in time….my work entails encouraging the couple to speak and listen and sometimes more often then not a miracle happens….they lament; Without holding you and loving you and getting lost in you, I will never know what it would be like to love you completely and utterly, to give myself to you.

For some they explain; I think about moving on, I should move on, I want to, I have to, I can’t, I don’t know how, I want to leave you but I can’t leave you now, I want to make it work but I don’t know how, I’ll try, I’ll begin tomorrow. He pulls me back every time and this time I think it will be different so I sink again further and deeper and shock myself out of my own skin, I try hard not to feel again but out of nowhere he breaks me to my knee’s with more promises and we are intertwined unable to know where he begins and I end. It has to end here; we have no choice anymore as something far beyond logic has its grip over the two of us. We are complete at that one moment in time.

Part 2 coming tomorrow…