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    Booking a Couples Therapy Appointment: Relationship, Marriage and Couples Counselling or Coaching with Helen Mia Harris (MBACP: NCS Accredited) For Couples and Individuals

    Booking a Relationship Therapy Session is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

    Step 1.

    Understand Why So Many People Choose Emotionally Focused Relationship Therapy with Helen Mia Harris

    Relationship Therapy Expert, Counsellor and Writer Helen Mia HarrisI work with a wide range of relationship issues at various stages including: a lack of communication, intimacy, living alone together, emotional disconnection, conflict and dispute, loss of respect and trust, rejection and insecurity, relationships in crisis, bereavement and regret, a painful break-up, divorce and separation and other tender issues. I see couples as well as individuals in my practice or via Zoom consultation.
    This website and my YouTube videos provide a lot of useful information and background into my approach and qualifications.

    Step 2.

    Choose the right session options for you, giving you the flexibility and support you need.

    Visit my therapy, counselling and coaching fees and services page to see the full range of services and the costs. You can book a single session or more, face to face or via phone or Zoom consultation.
    Or if you would prefer: One-at-a-Time Solution Focused Therapy, please see below.

    What is: One-at-a-Time Solution Focused Therapy? For Individuals and Couples

    • To help address a dilemma or difficulty of a particular life event
    • To make an important decision and achieve an outcome
    • To discuss a particular relationship issue.
    • To find a way forward if you are at a crossroads or an impasse
    • To help understand a recurring issue or problem
    • To help find direction, clarity, focus and resolution
    • To help you get unstuck about a particular issue
    • To help assist you find direction and a solution

    Find out more about Helen Mia here.

    Step 3.

    Contact me to book your first session and receive details on: how to pay, location of practice or Zoom link.

    As soon as I receive your call or email, I will get back to you shortly and make an appointment for you or discuss how I can help you.


    Location: Because of the sensitive nature of my work and confidentiality, I do not give out my private practice address until your consultation has been confirmed. I will send you all details or the Zoom link the day prior to your appointment date.

    Paying: Payment is by electronic transfer or cash. Cheques are not accepted.