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Heartbreak recovery programme
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What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a condition that causes you to frequently fall in love with someone who fails to return your love and affection. Often, the love addict will be attracted to somebody who is emotionally unavailable and distant; who will neglect the relationship or who will show no interest therefore your love is not reciprocated which can often cause chronic rejection, abandonment and grief like symptoms.

Love addiction is a very real issue for those who suffer from this condition yet many of us haven’t even heard of it before. Today, you can learn more about this complex and pervasive condition by visiting the resources on this site or Helen’s YouTube Channel:

An addiction to love is not a ‘love story’. It is a story about powerlessness, rejection, abandonment and an addiction to the feeling of ‘being in love which can often resemble the exact same craving and yearning quality as it would an addiction to a drug. This is about unrequited love, unfulfilled dreams, romantic fantasies; a longing to attach ourselves to this one person who we believe will complete us. An addiction to romantic love is about obsession, helplessness, sadness and the hunger for that love to be reciprocated.

Fearing abandonment and being alone, the person addicted to love will stay in and return to painful, destructive relationships even when they know they should walk away, often believing that they can not survive without the beloved in their lives. Yet walking away seems impossible, as this kind of negative on/off cycle can repeat itself over many years as it creates a roller coaster of debilitating emotions if the person of addiction threatens to leave forever. No matter how much many believe and know it is not a healthy kind of love, it feels as if you are clung like cling film to the very person you both love and are extremely vulnerable, as at any moment the carpet could be swept away underneath you leaving you heartbroken and bereft.

For over 20 years, I have specialised in helping those who suffer from love addiction, Co-dependency and the painful effects of rejection, separation anxiety, insecurity and abandonment in their relationships. I also work with couples who are experiencing toxic patterns in the way that they relate to one another, whereby dysfunctional communication and unhealthy attachment reinforces the love addiction cycle.

My main passion is to help people understand exactly what they are going through when experiencing Love Addiction, Loving Too Much or Love Avoidance, and with this new found knowledge, I can encourage them to experience healthy independent love and turn a difficult dynamic that may be triggering the power struggle they might face and help them move towards a truly alive, connected and successful relationship.

Helen, you have really helped me find myself again. Literally!
When I first came to see Helen, I was in a desperately low place.
I felt I was sinking and drowning, immersed in a pool of anxiety, unable to see a way out.
I was needy, insecure, emotional, unsociable and untrusting, looking for any word or signs that would send me into a blind rage of jealousy and insecurity.
Helen, I can’t thank you enough for giving me my life back. (Elizabeth, London)

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